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I'm compiling responses and data collected during my "do something good with those recruiting emails" project  here. For now this is just about trans-inclusive health care, but if you're taking part in this project with a different workplace issue, please feel free to add the information you've gathered. And if you have information about a company that's not listed here, add that too.

If you are posting a response from a company, 'please remove all personally identifying information, and post only those statements that are directly relevant to the issue'. It is not appropriate to publish names, titles, email addresses, or statements that don't directly address the issue in question.

Trans-Inclusive Health CareEdit

Company Has Inclusive Care? Relevant Excerpts from Responses
AirBnB partial support "...our Kaiser plans [cover] Transgender Services including genital surgery and mastectomy with chest reconstruction surgery. The surgery must be pre-authorized by Kaiser's Medical Group. Services that are "cosmetic" (ie - intended primarily to change or maintain appearance) are generally excluded from coverage for all members. Because this is so new, the language is not listed in our Evidence of Insurability, so we are researching if it also covers hormonal prescriptions and counseling services that come along with this type of procedure. We would like to emphasis that the surgery must be pre-approved by Kaiser and that Airbnb does not have a say in the decision"
Amazon Terms being updated Previous statements include; "Amazon is pleased to offer a transgender services benefit for employees and their dependents. This benefit covers medically necessary transgender procedures up to a $25,000 lifetime maximum per member." This is the outdated response by the company, and a new policy is being announced on the 11/21/2014
Asana yes

Initial recruiter response: "We researched this and went back and forth with the insurance company and our insurance broker. It appears we probably do not have the coverage you are looking for"

Later response: "Because we have Blue Shield, we have the same coverage as Yelp, so their statement applies equally well for us"

Autodesk no

"Autodesk does not have a trans-inclusive policy."

Awake Networks yes

Anthem (all PPO plans):

Transgender Services and supplies are covered when provided in connection with gender transition when you have been diagnosed with gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria by a physician.

This coverage is provided according to the terms and conditions of the plan that apply to all other covered medical conditions, including medical necessity requirements, utilization management, and exclusions for cosmetic services. Coverage includes, but is not limited to, medically necessary services related to gender transition such as transgender surgery, hormone therapy, psychotherapy, and vocal training. Coverage is provided for specific services according to plan benefits that apply to that type of service. For example, transgender surgery would be covered on the same basis as any other covered, medically necessary surgery; hormone therapy would be covered under the plan’s prescription drug benefits.

Services that are excluded on the basis that they are cosmetic include, but are not limited to, liposuction, facial bone reconstruction, voice modification surgery, breast implants, and hair removal. Transgender services are subject to prior authorization in order for coverage to be provided. Please refer to UTILIZATION REVIEW PROGRAM for information on how to obtain the proper reviews.

Kaiser HMO:

Transgender surgery requires "prior authorization" meaning the Medical Group must approve the Services in advance. If the Provider makes a written referral for transgender surgical Services (genital surgery or mastectomy), the Medical Group's Transgender Surgery Review Board will authorize the Services if it determines that the Services meet the requirements described in the Medical Group's transgender surgery guidelines, which are available upon request.

BrightRoll yes Kaiser is an available option, which offers transgender care with a small copay
Bloomfire no
BuyerQuest dubious response BuyerQuest's coverage is fully comprehensive.
Byliner responded without answer
Canonical (USA) yes "Canonical USA's health plan does/will provide coverage for all covered services based on the Subscriber certificate. There are not any services for routine, emergent or urgent care that would not be covered for trans-gender and transsexual individuals.

On June 20, 2014 the Massachusetts Division of Insurance (DOI) issued a bulletin to insurers related to a law that went into effect July 1, 2012that protects “gender identity” or “gender dysphoria” against discrimination. In its bulletin, the DOI notes that discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender dysphoria is prohibited. The DOI also acknowledged that the law did not specifically amend health insurance laws; however, the Division concluded that insurers may not exclude trans-gender benefits such as medically necessary gender reassignment surgery.

How has Blue Cross Addressed this?

Blue Cross health plans cover many services related to gender identity or gender dysphoria, including behavioral health services with a focus on gender identity and related issues, as well as hormone therapy. In addition, Blue Cross has amended all of their insured health plans to remove the benefit exclusion for a service or supply that is related to gender reassignment surgery."

CircleUp unknown "I'll have to check with our provider." (2014-01-22)
Civitas Learning responded without answer Recruiter said he would find out the answer, but no further reply within six weeks.
Cloudera Yes Anthem Blue Cross contracted in CA in compliance with DMHC & CDI.
CloudFlare no
Commonwealth Care Alliance responded without answer 'Unfortunately, I don't have that information. If you submit your resume and the hiring manager thinks you're a good fit, they will be in contact with you to discuss those kinds of specifics.'
Coursera no response no Insurance plan excludes "transsexual surgery including medical or psychological counseling and hormonal therapy in preparation for, or subsequent to, any such surgery."

no response

eBay yes "eBay scores 100% on the HRC survey each year, and all of our self-insured health insurance programs offered by Blue Shield, (which are available in every state), provide coverage for transgender benefits."
Electronic Arts yes
Epic! no

"Out of our four health plans, none are fully inclusive and all have different exclusions"

eTouch Systems no response
Etsy yes

"Etsy is pleased to offer transgender services for employees and their dependents. Coverage is of up to a lifetime maximum of $75,000. Available under all medical plans offered to employees and dependents. Includes psychotherapy, hormonal therapy, genital surgery and gender reassignment surgeries."

F5 Networks no
Facebook yes

"Aetna PPO and EPO plans cover reassignment surgery including hormone therapy related to surgery. Aetna PPO in-network: 10% after deductible; out-of-network: 30% after $100 per confinement co-pay after deductible. Aetna EPO: 100%."

Google yes

Groupon yes Internal PDF of health care plan amendment (screenshot: ) no
The Internet Archive partial support [...] Our health-care plans make no distinction in terms of transgender people (including spouse/domestic partner benefits).For all people, certain cosmetic surgeries are not covered. (Kaiser in CA, Blue Shield of CA outside of CA)
Jawbone yes

"Cigna PPO is our only Medical Plan and according to my Benefits Administrator, it does support an inclusive policy for Trans-Gender plan participants...Jawbone goes to great lengths to be inclusive!"


no response

(Though Lab126 is a subsidiary of Amazon, which responds above.)

LivingSocial no "... [We] did a little research and unfortunately this is not covered under our plan. Please see [internal source] where it's specifically listed as an exclusion on the plan."
Main Street Hub no
Microsoft yes "All of the benefits offered by Microsoft are inclusive to Transgender employees. Microsoft also provides various resources available to transgender employees specifically. Just one of many groups, the Microsoft GLEAM is the Employee Resource Group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees at Microsoft and has information and resources that the transitioning employee may find useful."
Mixpanel no response
Netflix no "We have a variety of different medical plans you can choose from, most of which cover necessary medical treatments associated with re-assignment procedures. However, our plans are not fully trans-inclusive."
Northrop Grumman yes
Pinterest no "At this time, we don't currently offer Trans-Inclusive coverage. Unfortunately, due to Pinterest's current headcount, we don't have an option to include this benefit on our plans. However, as we grow the business, this is definitely something we will reconsider in the future. We understand the importance of this benefit and have informed our Benefits Broker to review the possibility of adding this during our annual renewal process."
Palantir Technologies dubious response "Thanks for getting back to me and including the link about fully trans-inclusive health plans. I checked with our People Operations team; none of our plans discriminate against transgenders [sic], so in other words our health plans are trans-inclusive."
Puppet Labs yes Current employee verified that 2015 healthcare plan is trans-inclusive, covering HRT and GCS. More details await clarification from Regence.
RichRelevance no response
Riverbed no response
Robert Half Technologies responded without answer "I have attached the benefit information, there should also be a number there for you to call with any additional questions."

The benefit brochure had no information on trans care and the call center behind the phone number couldn't give an answer.

Salesforce (including Heroku) yes login
Tesla Motors yes Beginning in 2014. Covers SRS.
Thumbtack partial support "Employees at Thumbtack are covered by Blue Shield of California. Essentially, transgender services are covered by Blue Shield if a doctor determines that it is medically necessary to have gender reassignment or related therapy, though different coverage rates will vary depending on the plan. I am waiting on Blue Shield to send more information on what the guidelines will be to determine if transgender services are medically necessary, and will let you know as soon as I receive it."
Twilio no "Our current medical coverage does exclude some benefits for transgendered people. … This is definitely something we will re-examine during open enrollment next year when we'll have the opportunity to renew."
Twitter yes
Veracode  yes Services covered
Walmart Labs no response
Wealthfront no response No response within two months
Yahoo! yes "yes, we are fully trans-inclusive"
Yelp yes Must be certified "Medically necessary" (18+, DSM diagnosis, 12 months of hormones, two letters of support), then treated as a regular surgery.
Yoh (recruiters for contract positions) no response "We offer benefits through our company [...] I did inquire with our benefits department, and I’m still waiting on a solid answer."
Zynga no
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